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Good Salt 1kg

Good Salt 1kg


较健康食用好盐 (1kg)


- Low Sodium Mineral salt
- Contains minerals such as

  • Magnesium
       Beneficial for heart protection and calcium absorption
       Helps maintain cardiac rhythm
       Prevents sodium leeching calcium from bones leading to osteoporosis and kidney damage
  • Potassium
       Helping to supplement the Na/K ratio, helping cells push our sodium while retaining potassium
       Blood pressure lowering properties
  • Lysine
       An extremely salty mineral making up for taste and a useful nutrient for protein synthesis, and lastly
  • Iodine
       A nutrient for brain cell development in children.

- Can be used as a replacement to regular table/cooking salt
- Shown to improve the effects of commonly used hypertensive drugs without adverse side effects
- Reduces amount of sodium down to almost half that of regular salt
- Tastes like regular salt


- Healthier Choice Certified - Lower in Sodium

- Halal Certified

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