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4 Heavenly Kings

Premium Sauces

25% Lower in Sodium compared to other asian savoury sauces

Chilli Crab Sauce (Spicy/Less Spicy) 

Black Pepper Sauce 

Salted Egg Sauce 

Spicy Seafood Sauce

Lower in Sugar

-Dark Soya Sauce (Light/Brown/Colour/Red) 

-Tomato Ketchup Sauce 

-Tomato Ketchup Sauce (Special)

-Red Sauce 

-Black Sauce 

-Chicken Garlic Chilli Sauce


Lower in Sodium

-Light Soya Sauce (Less Salt) 

-Light Soya Sauce (Sin - Less Salt)

-Oyster Flavoured Sauce 

-Vegetarian Oyster Flavoured Sauce 

-Ginger Sauce 

Dark Soya Sauces (1).png

Lower in Sugar & Lower in Sodium

Marinade Sauce 

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