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Events and Media

Food & Beverage Fair @ Singapore Expo
16-19 March 2023

We had an incredible time at our first consumer exhibition at the Singapore Expo! It was an absolute pleasure to showcase our products to all the visitors who came to our booth. 

One of the highlights of our exhibition was the live cooking demo, where our boss, Mr David Sim, demonstrated how easy it is to cook Singapore's famous Chilli Crab dish using our Premium Chilli Crab Sauce. To add to the excitement, we conducted a lucky draw, where winners got a portion of the delicious Chilli Crab dish after the cooking demo.

We were humbled and grateful for the overwhelming support we received during the event. We hope everyone enjoyed exploring and experiencing our brand as much as we did. 

SUN NUS 2023 @ Sentosa
23 July 2022

Thank you NUS Students’ Sports Club for having us as one of the sponsors for their SunNUS sports event at Sentosa! We were thrilled to be a part of such an exciting event and provide delicious sauces for the NUS students to enjoy.


Our team had a fantastic time cooking and preparing our signature Black Pepper Sauce and Spicy Seafood Sauce with spaghetti, while also engaging in fun activities like the Spicy Challenge where we see many brave participants taking on this challenge.

SFFA Tradeshow @ Suntec
22-24 June 2022

We had an amazing time participating in the SFFA Tradeshow at Suntec from 22-24 June 2022. Our team had the opportunity to showcase our range of healthier choice certified sauces and sachet packaged sauces, as well as share about our OEM services.

We were delighted to connect with several new business partners during the tradeshow and expand our brand exposure. It was an excellent opportunity to network and engage with industry professionals, while also promoting our delicious and high-quality sauces.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and showed interest in our products and services. We are excited about the future possibilities that may arise from these connections and look forward to continuing our growth in the industry.

Frontline (newsize).png

Featured on Channel 8's program, "前线踪'' 
29 April 2022, 8:30pm

Our range of over 20 Healthier Choice-certified sauces reflects our commitment to providing healthier options without compromising on taste and flavour. However, achieving this balance was not easy, and we shared the challenges we faced during this program's interview session on reducing salt.


Our team dedicated significant time and resources to researching and experimenting with alternative ingredients to replace reduced salt or sugar, without impacting the original taste. We also addressed common misconceptions customers may have about Healthier Choice sauces, emphasizing that our sauces are just as tasty as well. As a company, we are dedicated to creating healthy and flavourful sauces that our customers can enjoy guilt-free.

Collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic  
'SMEs Go Digital' programme, 2017

Recognizing the importance of digitalization, we took the lead in partnering with Nanyang Polytechnic's Customer Experience and Analytics Centre (CEAC), an initiative that helps SMEs go digital while giving students hands-on industry skills.

Through a 6-month collaboration, we worked with 8 talented students to build our company website, list our products, and establish our social media presence. This initiative not only helped us go digital but also provided valuable industry experience to the students.


SSH launched its first website
Collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic
24 Mar 2017

A collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic students has led to the creation of the company’s first website, through which it would use to start retailing its products online.

The project ended with an exhibition during NYP's conference for SMEs. 

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