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The Beginnings

The founders, Mr & Mrs Sim, fondly known as Tau Kay & Tau Kay Nio (头家和头家娘) to their loyal customers of almost four decades, displayed the traits of enterprising entrepreneurs even in the 1960’s.


As the pioneer generation, they strived to maximise a niche in the art of sauce-making and creating condiments with authentic flavours and original taste.

我们的创始人 Mr & Mrs Sim、也称为头家和头家娘在这近44 年来, 有着他们的忠实客户。甚至在 1960年代,他们也被称呼为积极进取的企业家。


作为第一代的先驱, 他们的特殊酱料专注于正宗的风味和原味。



Our Service Commitment 

Quality . Reliability . Efficiency 

As a customer of Sim Soon Heng, you will always be greeted by our warm and personal service, delivered with efficiency and reliability. This is why our loyal customers have trusted us over the last 45 years.

They are not just convinced by the consistent quality we deliver but also the sincerity in our service. Our customer relationships are formed since the early days when Tau Kay and Tau Kay Nio journeyed on foot, peddling door-to-door to serve each customer with the same gumption. These nostalgic memories lives on in the hearts of our loyal customers.


至 1978, 新顺興以多种酱料与配方来提供给各种小贩、餐馆、咖啡厅等等的饮食业。经过认证,我们的品牌被列为清真。现在,每个人都能安心的享受到我们的各种产品!



Art of


As with any cuisine, an ardent chef or budding cook will understand the importance of condiments. The dash of flavour that gives the dish a special highlight of dressing and an element of surprise that will differentiate even the simplest of food items. 

Till today, Sim Soon Heng is well-known for its willingness to customise and tailor-make its sauce(s) to the requirement of its customers.

Taste Sensations

At Sim Soon Heng, the repertoire of products cater to four main types of taste sensations: salty, sweet, sour, and umami (savoury).


The staple range of products that reach out to established restaurants and popular hawkers include Light and Dark Soy Sauce(酱青和黑酱油), Sweet Soya Bean Sauce (甜酱), Sweet and Sour Plum Sauce (梅酱), as well as Sesame Oil (芝麻油) and Oyster Sauce (蚝油).

House Blended Spiciness




Mrs Sim saw the opportunity to create a house-blended chilli paste which has since become the ‘Hero Product’ at Sim Soon Heng for the last 45 years, when the company became a Private Limited company in 1978.

Mrs Sim experimented with various concoctions of the spicy chilli sauce in the early days, including learning from a grand-master in chilli sauce-making. Today, the array of chilli paste and sauce ranged from Sambal Chilli for Nasi Lemak, Sweetened Chilli Sauce for Dim Sum, to original Chilli paste that can be made into Sambal Oelek, Rempah for Curry and Laksa.

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