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Chilli Crab (Frozen) 500g/750g/1.1kg

Chilli Crab (Frozen) 500g/750g/1.1kg

S$48.00 Regular Price
S$43.00Sale Price



Using Indonesian mud crabs: 

500g (400-500g crab) - $48

750g (500-600g crab) - $58

1.1kg (700-800g crab) - $78


Experience the rich, bold flavours of Singapore's most iconic dish with our Frozen Ready-to-Eat Chili Crab. Perfectly crafted for seafood lovers and culinary enthusiasts, this mouthwatering delicacy brings the authentic taste of traditional chilli crab straight to your dining table!


To prepare, simply boil a pot of water, submerge the entire packet, and let it cook for 15-20 minutes. Then, open the packet and pour the stew into a serving bowl. Perfect for pairing with mantou.


Savour the comfort of a homemade meal, effortlessly prepared.


Recommended portion size:

500g: 1-2 pax

750g: 2-4 pax

1.1kg: 4-6 pax


No pork, no lard!

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