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Salted Egg Sauce (Premium) 270g/2kg

Salted Egg Sauce (Premium) 270g/2kg


咸蛋黄酱 (上等)(270g)


Introducing our Salted Egg Sauce, a luscious and creamy sauce that brings a delightful richness to any dish. Crafted to be less salty, this versatile sauce is perfect as a dip and equally impressive when used for stir-fries.


Cooking Ratio (100g-200g meat):

- 50g Salted Egg Sauce

- 30ml Water


- Available in 270g glass bottle or 2kg service pack

- Easy to cook. (Refer to recipe here)

- Healthier Choice Sauce - 25% Lower in Sodium

- Keep refrigerated 

- Halal Certified

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