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Black Pepper Sauce (Premium) 270g/2lt

Black Pepper Sauce (Premium) 270g/2lt


黑胡椒酱 (上等)(270g/2lt)


Introducing our Black Pepper Sauce, expertly crafted using coarse black pepper for a robust, peppery punch. This sauce is perfectly balanced with sweet notes to create a harmonious blend of flavors that will elevate any dish. Great for stir-fry or use as a marinade.


Cooking Ratio (for 100-200g meat):

- 50g Black Pepper Sauce

- 50ml Water 


- Available in 270g glass bottle or 2lt service pack (bottle)

 - Easy to cook. (Refer to recipe here)

- Healthier Choice (25 % Lower in Sodium)

- Keep refrigerated after opening

- Halal Certified

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